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Jawatan Kosong AiU-Irsyad International School di Alor Setar, Kedah

AiU-Irsyad International School is a premier Islamic Mission School in Alor Setar, Kedah invite people like you who are hungry to make a difference in this world. Apply for the following posts, with appropriate Educational, Professional qualifications and working experience.

Jawatan Kosong AiU-Irsyad International School
Jawatan Kosong AiU-Irsyad International School

Primary level
2. Mathematics
3. Science
4. Information & Communication Technology
5. Bahasa Malaysia / Physical Education

Secondary level
1. English
2. Global Perspective (IGCSE)
3. Mathematics (IGCSE)
4. Physics (IGCSE)
5. Chemistry (IGCSE)
6. Biology(IGCSE)
8. Accounting (IGCSE)
9. Business Studies (IGCSE)
10. Mandarin (IGSCSE)
11. Arabic (IGCSE)
12. Bahasa Malaysia (SPM)

We are looking for you, If you:
* Are excited to work in a reputed Islamic Mission International School.
* Are ready to be part of educational revolution, producing world ready students with the principles of serving God and humanity.
* Wish to work in a latest technology driven premier school.
* Plan to build up your career with a let century skill based school.

Apply now, If you:
* Hold a Bachelor's degree in education with teaching qualification.
* Have a minimum of 5 years of working experience. (IGSCE experience will be advantageous)
* Are able to handle all four aspects of conventional English teaching (Native speakers preferably from UK have an edge)

We would like to hire you as our Principal, If you:
* Can provide a vision and strong leadership to all constituencies of the school.
* Can maintain school’s status and relationships with accrediting organizations.
* Can plan and manage financial budgets and targets.
* Can be a primary spokesperson for the stakeholders.
* Can be a living testimony for the principles of God consciousness and people centeredness.

Apply now, If you:
* Have more than 10 years of academic experience
* Hold Bachelor's/Master's degree or equivalent in education administration.
* Have a minimum of 3 years of experience as Head of School or equivalent.
* Have a demonstrated ability to exercise the responsibility.

1. Horticulturist (Minimum 5 years working experience)
2. Facility & Project Manager
3. Procurement Assistant Manager
4. Marketing Executive (Student recruitment).

Apply now, If you:
* Have more than 5 years of working experience.
* Hold Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in the relevant field.
* Have demonstrated special skill and ability from past working experience.

* A competitive salary package will be offered to potential employees appropriate with qualifications and experience.

Interested candidates are invited to submit detailed resume together with a passport-sized photograph (n.r.) no later than 30th November 2016 to:

AlU ILMU SDN BHD (1163357-X)
Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, 05050 Alor Setar
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
Tel: +604-7747300 Fax: +604-7747330 Email:

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